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DIVI Remove Featured Image | Extra Remove Featured Image

It’s no secret Elegant Themes DIVI and Elegant Themes Extra are two of the best and most powerful and flexible WordPress themes available. That said no wordpress theme can be perfect for every situation and little tweaks and adjustments need to be made. The problem is the fix or adjustment isnt always always obvious or built in the the Elegant Themes product. This page addresses two these items. By default both DIVI and Extra place the featured image at the top of posts or in the case of Extra at the top of projects.

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CANT INSTALL OFFICE 365 – Recently I had an issue trying to convert a workstation from Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016. The Office 365 2013 uninstalled without a hitch but I was unable to install the newest version of Office 365 or reinstall the original version and it was quite frustrating. In the end I ended up on the phone with Microsoft who in turn had several technicians viewing my screen. It took nearly 3 hours to sort the issue out and get Office 365 2016 installed and functioning.We performed a lot of steps unsuccessfully. In the end the fix was simple.

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Forward Email Exchange 2010

Forward Email Exchange 2010 - So someone has left your organization and now all that persons email need to be forwarded or delivered to another user. The solution is pretty simple. Forward Email Exchange 2010 Open the "Exchange Management Console" Expand "Recipient...

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