How To Determine A Color On A Website?

So you need to match the color of something you saw on a website. You tried to sort through the html code and CSS with little success. Fret not there is a free utility INSTANT EYEDROPPER that does all the work for you.

Simply install the application and let it run in the system tray. When you need to determine a color just left click the icon in the system tray and you will see crosshair’s appear. Keep the mouse button depressed and move the cursor to the color you want to determine. Instant eyedropper will report the color in a Hexadecimal format. If you want to verify the color is correct just go here and paste the hex number in the box and display the color.

Instant Eyedropper - Utility To Determine A Color On The Internet

Instant Eyedropper - Utility To Determine A Color On The Internet

Best Free Image Resizer

Best Free Image Resizer

So your wonderful new digital camera takes fantastic pictures. There’s one problem though you have trouble sending them through email or uploading them to your favorite website. Fret not there’s an easy solution that works great and best of all it’s free!

Image Resizer for Windows is based on a function that used to be built into Windows XP that Microsoft has eliminated in Vista and now Windows 7. If there’s one thing i have learned about Microsoft if there’s a way to simplify a task it must be killed 🙂

Anyhow Image Resizer for Windows makes resizing pictures as simple as right clicking the picture or pictures  you want to resize, selecting a size and clicking the ok button.

Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Windows - Right Click Menu

Image Resizer for Windows - Advanced Menu

Image Resizer for Windows - Advanced Menu

There are two versions 32bit and 64bit of Image Resizer for Windows. If you aren’t sure which you need dont worry. If you try to install the wrong one your computer will tell you

Download Image Resizer for Windows by clicking here.

Create a favorite icon for your website or blog free with “Favorites Icon Generator”

No need to perform this task yourself. There is a web based utility that will not only create you websites favorites icon “favicon.ico” but it will also generate a desktop icon. The desktop icon is used when someone saves a link to their desktop.

Note: It’s best to start with an original image that is exactly square so it does not get distorted.

Click the blue button below to try this tool yourself

Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image

Free Batch Image Resizing – FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a great intuitive image resizing and renaming. It will batch convert and batch rename with ease.

FastStone Photo Resizer is an image converter and renaming tool that intends to enable users to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batch mode. Drag and Drop mouse operation is well supported.

FastStone Image Resizer and Renamer

FastStone Image Resizer and Renamer

  • Resize, crop, change color depth, apply color effects, add text, watermark and border effects
  • Support JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG2000
  • Rename images with sequential number
  • Search and replace texts in the file names
  • Preview conversion and renaming
  • Support folder/non-folder structure
  • Load and save settings

Best of all its free!!